Dex-O-Tex products are manufactured to meet and exceed the strict quality standards required by the US Navy and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They are used on every conceivable type of vessel, from harbor tugs, containerships and workboats, to aircraft carriers, offshore drilling platforms and luxury cruise liners.

Dex-O-Tex systems are available in a trowel-applied marble chip type or in a roll broadcast type that incorporates quartz aggregate or vinyl chip. The finished results provide decking that is long wearing, yet highly decorative. These systems are available in a wide range of colors (see below).

Engineering Diagrams
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Stratica is a ground breaking eco-polymeric flooring offering unrivalled environmental benefits, superior aesthetics and high performance. Stratica’s range of woods and stones gives unsurpassed realism with a strong visual impact. More than 10,000 Stratica floors have been installed in high traffic environments around the world: From healthcare, education and office environments, to retail stores, restaurants, hotels and airports.

Stratica Advantages

  • Excellent residual indentation resistance - up to 250 psi
  • Will not fade with age, heat, or sunlight
  • High sound absorption to minimize noise
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Outstanding authenticity of colors, natural effects and patterns
  • One of the widest color and design ranges available in any flooring
  • Non-allergenic - mildew and odor resistant
  • Mix patterns for infinite design possibilities
  • Exceptional durability
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EPMAR 5000 Series Epoxy

SynDeck™ Clear Top Coat/Color Coat (SS5000) Series is a top quality abrasion resistant amine cured epoxy coating that offers 0-VOC, has excellent adhesion, is designed to be used with selected aggregate, is user friendly, and cures to a resilient high-gloss film. SS5000 Series can be applied over deck underlayments and properly prepared existing epoxy coatings, resulting in a new high gloss finish, in one coat high build where required. It can also be applied as a primer finish on most interior cement floor surfaces. SS5000 Series can be applied at lower temperatures (50°F) with no blushing and is dry for foot traffic overnight. SS5000 Series has very low odor, superior clarity and is self leveling.